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Searching for new
value propositions?


Sharpening your strategic thinking?


Testing the internal narrative?

Don't let your vantage point prevent you from thinking differently.
Turn to external advisors committed to your success.

RCD Strategic Advisors works with organizations to solve complex business issues related to technology in electronics hardware and its supply chain.

We help clients understand and capitalize on economic, technological, and structural changes that affect their business. 

Specifically, the firm helps clients:

Find growth and value propositions from new technologies and trends

Tap into our creativity and experience across technology domains. Go off script and change the lens to identify opportunities your team may not have considered. 


Optimize bets on future products and services

Apply unbiased analysis to determine the risk/reward trade offs of product developments and technology research in your organization's portfolio. Justify investments to articulate the opportunity and strategic fit for your company. 


Develop sound investment plans for acquisitions

Use the firm's research experience and knowledge base to develop investment theses for acquisition targets during due diligence. Deploy well developed analytical skills to create financial models or assess competitive positioning.


Identify, gauge interest, and make introductions for partnerships

Rely on the firm to act as an intermediary to find capabilities that exist outside of your organization. Let's start meaningful discussions, make introductions, and articulate interests. 


Track technologies, sectors, or applications

Benefit from deep research to track disruptive technologies and describe their impact to management teams across the supply chain.


Make sense of strategically important markets

Use the firm's research skills to understand markets that are strategically important to your business. We specialize in research that requires inputs from direct discussions with key technologists and decision makers.


Contact us to the discuss how we can help your organization 

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