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Welcome to RCD Insights on strategic business development for the electronics industry. At the start of 2022, the Covid pandemic, work-from-home, and semiconductor chip shortages still have a significant impact. That isn't surprising. Macroeconomics and geopolitics can quickly wag a two-trillion-dollar equipment and device market. And the ride for the rest of the year probably won't be any smoother as the post-Covid recovery continues.

Electronic hardware and its supply chain face some unique challenges. There are emerging new markets like 5G, AR/VR, driverless vehicles, and electrification that will be the primary sources of growth over the next decade. In addition, new technologies like High NA EUV, System-in-Package, Silicon Carbide, Gallium Nitride, and machine learning make the supply chain susceptible to rapid realignment.

This blog will provide practical insights to decision-makers facing these opportunities and challenges. One of the value propositions for this firm is to offer a long-term outsider's perspective uniquely relevant to our clients. This channel is a starting point for that perspective. It is a sample of the firm's thinking for organizations that may not have worked with the founder in the past, but it is also a reference point for retainer clients.

Insights will focus on the key issues facing the tech hardware industry. Many of the posts will outline practical ways of applying business analysis to complex technology development issues. It will also present this firm's research on major technical and structural themes. It will draw on its founder's experiences and make ample use of business research and technology development ideas.

These insights will lean on market research regularly but won't report on markets or market share. Nor is this a technology trade site. Posts will delve into new technologies where differentiation and value creation are substantial. But, the channel is not a substitute for technical reporting outlets. These posts are not investment advice. There will be no white papers that are thinly veiled advertisements. Ultimately, the objective is to help companies win, not pick the winners.

If you are interested, subscribe to know when new research is available. The internet is a scary place, and putting all of these thoughts out in the open for pirating is a bit daunting. Our webmaster made it hard for readers to copy and paste posts. There are no discussion groups or comment sections. Please reach out directly for copies or if you wish to comment.

Lastly, this communication channel is a work in progress. Realistically, it is a side project to the paid advisory work. It isn't clear how it will evolve, but right now, it was just a priority to get the channel off the ground and running. I hope it will eventually take a life of its own.

The firm hopes you find these insights helpful and a well-spent use of your time. If you need to delve deeper or help to sharpen your internal thinking, please reach out at


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